Leadership as consensus-moulding


There are as many leadership styles as there are leaders. Steve Jobs, General George Patton, and Gandhi all got results — but their leadership styles were as different as chalk and cheese.

But Martin Luther King knew that they all shared something in common. None of them sought consensus, they all moulded consensus.

How they went about this was different for each of them. The way you go about it will be different again.

But whatever your style, and whatever type of organisation you are leading, Inner Leadership will give you the tools to:

  1. Be clear about what you think the priorities are
  2. Create a (consensus) vision that inspires you and other people to want to address those priorities
  3. Manage the evolution of that consensus and vision as you move forward together

How you choose to apply these tools, and what you choose to build with them is entirely up to you.

But Inner Leadership gives you the tools to create and mould consensus.

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