Becoming antifragile in the new decade

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The new decade has started with a bang. It’s the start of January and already Australia is on fire and the president of the United States has committed an act of war.

Both these things will make the Churning of the world worse not better. Both will make your task of leading yourself and others through this time of change harder not easier. And both are the direct result of leadership decisions: by an Australian government that chose to ignore repeated warnings that these firestorms (some 150m high) would happen and instead cut funding to the fire service; by a US Congress that chose to give away its power to decide when to go to war to a single individual, even if that person is under impeachment.

Inner Leadership is a book on how to lead ourselves and other people better through these times of churning.

For the next 100 days or so this blog will show you some of the highlights of this approach, as well as some of the more than 30 tools and exercises it contains.

If you haven’t read the book this will give you an overview. If you have read it this will act as a reminder of some of the key points.

Over the coming days, this blog will show you how to:

  1. Stay calm, centred, and grounded and connect more deeply with what matters most to you, no matter what happens around you
  2. Make clear sense of what is happening and what you are experiencing
  3. Find more opportunities to move forward
  4. Choose which is best for you
  5. Maintain a long term sense of direction, focus, and continuity by getting clear on your purpose and values
  6. Describe your chosen way forward in a way that inspires you and other people to make it happen
  7. Manage the emotional ups and downs that will undoubtedly arise as you move forward, both in yourself and the people around you

For the next 100 days or so, this blog will show you not only how to become stronger but how to become antifragile: able to remain more focused on what matters most to you and more able put it into action, no matter what happens in the world.

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Adapted from Inner Leadership: a framework and tools for building inspiration in times of change.

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