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In a world where so much is changing so fast, we need new ways to make sense of what is happening around us. Our conscious, rational minds will tend to seek Continue Reading →

You will never reach your destination if…

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill famously said: “You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.” This time of massive change is bringing us many Continue Reading →

Countering disinformation and fake news

This short film from 2014 is still highly relevant today. It describes how Russia’s President Putin (and others) have used disinformation and fake news to undermine people’s perception and understanding of the world. Continue Reading →

Transforming unwanted emotions into something more useful

Woman wearing Sunglasses walks confidently in the opposite direction to the Arrows

A time of change is bound to bring us unwanted emotions such as frustration, anger, fear, and sadness. When this happens our first response is often to want these emotions to Continue Reading →

Elephants and molehills: dealing with blinkered or extreme thinking

In a changing world it is easy to make assumptions that are not true. One of the commonest ways of doing this is called ‘blinkered thinking’ or ‘extreme thinking’. Blinkered thinking happens Continue Reading →