Face everything and rise

Man rides a bull at a rodeo

They say the word ‘fear’ can stand for two things: “Forget Everything And Run” or “Face Everything And Rise”.

Inner Leadership teaches us how to do the second of these. It makes us antifragile.

Chapter 1 shows us how to centre and ground, remain calm in a crisis, and connect strongly with the best version of ourselves.

Fear can also stand for “False Evidence Appearing Real” so Chapter 2 shows us how to check that evidence and make clear sense of the situation.

Chapters 3 and 4 show us how to find the opportunities in the crisis and then choose the one that is best for us now. Chapter 6 shows us how to turn that into something that inspires us, and other people, so that we long to make it happen.

Our first day at school was a challenge, but we overcame it; driving a car was a challenge but we overcame it; our first job was a challenge but we overcame it. And so on. A challenge is just the name we give to a situation that we haven’t learned how to handle yet. We might feel afraid but with the right skills, anything can become routine: even riding a bull in a rodeo. The danger may be real but if this is the path that matters most to us then fear is an option.

What we call a “challenge” or a “crisis” is actually an opportunity to learn something new.

What we call “fear” is actually an opportunity to Face Everything And Rise.

When did you last feel fear? Would you like to learn the skills to move past that fear and do it anyway?

Adapted from Inner Leadership: a framework and tools for building inspiration in times of change.

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2 Replies to “Face everything and rise”

  1. Recently, I’ve found a key that is helping me disempower fear in my life. It is “FAITH over fear”. Using it, I have been astonished to learn in how many different aspects of my day anxieties, anger and other forms of fear, which I was quite unconscious of, were dominating my reactions. “Faith over fear” has been like a strong hose, cleansing away those obsolete and unhelpful demon habits and assumptions, leaving me free to find ways of behaving that are in my own best interest and that of those who inhabit my circle of influence.

    I found this mantra falling into my mind from above, perhaps as an outcome of my ongoing Lectio Divina in Ephesians.

    I hope this will be helpful to some others here.

    • Thanks George.
      I agree we can all have unconscious reactions. And while faith can be useful in overcoming fear I am also aware that ‘blind faith’ can lead us into danger.
      So, rather than building faith in some external force, ‘Inner Leadership’ prefers to build our faith in ourselves.
      You might find the tools of Chapter 2 useful for becoming more aware of your unconscious reactions, finding alternative interpretations, and then, as you say, choosing the best action. Hopefully this would be a way to increase your faith in yourself while at the same time holding on to whatever other source(s) of faith you have.
      Glad you are finding Inner Leadership helpful 🙂

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