Letting go of everything – except yourself

In a world of constant change it is easy to feel as if everything is out of control. Terrorists or foreign leaders do unexpected things. The weather behaves strangely. New industries rise up while old ones fall away. Technologies such as artificial intelligence threaten to transform our world completely. How can we expect to control anything if we don’t have the resources of a billionaire, a president, or a prime minister?

But if we become that president, billionaire, or prime minister then suddenly we find that we have so many new issues to deal with that we aren’t really in control then either. Nobody is.

Once we accept this then a strange thing happens. We find that we have access to a new power, a new energy: the energy that we used to spend on trying to control things.

As Alan Watts explains in the above short video, the meaning of the fact that everything is constantly falling apart is that you don’t have to let go because there is nothing to hold on to. All you have to do is to be, yourself.

What Inner Leadership provides is a set of tools for achieving this. For connecting more deeply with who you are, to know your purpose and your values. For learning to stay calm in a crisis and make clear sense of the situation, find the opportunities crisis, and turn the best of them into a vision that inspires you and others to make it happen.

All this allows you to keep control of the one thing in the world that you can control. Yourself.

This is true power.

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