Measuring your antifragility

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Measurement is an important part of all our lives, both for defining our objectives and for calculating our progress towards them.

Measuring anti fragility might well be harder than some other things but it is also important, and you need to know whether the tools of Inner Leadership are making a difference for you.

So the book includes a measurement system that you can use to track your progress — and each of these blog posts ends with questions that you can use to check your current status.

Together, the book’s framework and more than 30 tools form a staircase that you can climb — starting from wherever you are now — to become a more inspiring and antifragile leader of yourself and other people:

measurement-0-new2-lowresAt the lowest level, if some disaster has just happened, you might be experiencing extreme inner turmoil or churning. Here the tools of Chapter 1 will help you quickly to become ‘Centred’ and ‘Grounded’.

Next you need to make clearer sense of the situation. Your inner emotional state here shifts to feeling confident or ‘Sure’.

In Chapter 3 you realise that every challenge is an opportunity, you find yourself more opportunities to choose between, and you know you have considered everything. You become ‘Optimistic’.

In Chapter 4 you choose the opportunity or way forward that is best for you: you become ‘Directed’.

In Chapters 5 and 6 you consider your purpose and values and create an inspiring description of the outcome you have chosen to create. Now you can inspire yourself and other people to want to make it happen. Your emotional states shift to ‘Determined’, then ‘Inspired’.

And in Chapter 7 you learn to manage the emotional and psychological transitions that you and your key stakeholders will go through as you implement your goal. Now you are ‘Ready’ to begin.

Each step on its own is small, simple, and straightforward. Combined in the right order, they become a transformational staircase that anyone can climb. And the more you increase your ability at each of these skills, the more antifragile you become.

Measuring your abilities at the beginning and end of each chapter lets you easily track your improvement.

Do you want to become antifragile? Start now. 

Rate your current abilities (0-10) at each of the seven competencies of antifragility:

  • Keeping calm in a crisis and maintaining a strong inner connection with who you are and what you care most about
  • Avoiding making assumptions and connecting with your intuition
  • Finding the ten types of opportunity in any situation
  • Choosing the way best forward for you
  • Knowing how this fits with your purpose and values
  • Turning your chosen way forward into inspiration
  • Maintaining and growing the emotional engagement of yourself and your key stakeholders as you move forward

What would ’10’ would look like for you in each competency? Which is your greatest strength today? Where is your greatest gap today between where you are and where you want to be? Where is your current most urgent need for improvement?

Adapted from Inner Leadership: a framework and tools for building inspiration in times of change.

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