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In the short time since Inner Leadership was first published we have seen many unexpected changes: 

  • North Korea has emerged as a long range nuclear power (and then offered to give up that power)
  • Two of the world’s leading G7 countries became significantly more unstable, as they followed isolationist policies
  • Technology has continued to disrupt our lives — for example in social media, driverless vehicles, cryptocurrencies, and AI
  • Hurricanes, floods, and forest fires caused unprecedented damage
  • Out of nowhere, Australian flu and the #metoo movement swept the world

It is becoming harder than ever to predict what the future will bring.

The more this happens, the more we need the tools of Inner Leadership to help us:

  • Steady ourselves in a crisis
  • Make clear sense of the situation
  • Find more alternatives for moving forward
  • Choose the best option
  • Inspire ourselves and other people to want to make that happen

Applying these tools and techniques enables us to switch from surviving these times of change to thriving in them.

The new, second edition of Inner Leadership has been updated throughout and contains a substantial rewrite of the final chapter. This describes how to use the tools of Inner Leadership to create Joy for us as individuals, competitive advantage for our organisations, and a more stable, generative economy.

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