Two ways to make clearer sense of a changing world

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In a time of change it can become easy to misinterpret events. Things no longer work the way they used to and reactions of stress, anxiety, and fear can make it harder for us to see a clear way forward.

After we have centred, grounded, and connected deeply with ourselves, the second step of Inner Leadership is to pause and make sense of our situation.

One way we do this is by identifying and unravelling the distorted thinking that can happen when we mistakenly assume the world still works the way it used to. The first tool of Chapter 2 enables us to do this. It clears away any emotional responses and reminds us that in a churning world there is always more than one explanation for what is happening and more than one way events might turn out. This tool helps us find the explanations that make the most sense.

A second way to clarify what is happening is by spotting the new patterns that are emerging: new threats, new opportunities, new customer needs and new business models. Because it assumes the world still works the way it used to, our conscious minds often miss these changes. But if we learn to call on our intuition we often find our unconscious minds have already spotted these changes, understood them, and perhaps even found solutions. The second tool of Chapter 2 describes how to do this.

Any plan we make without first applying these two tools risks being based on outdated assumptions and a limited range of alternatives for moving forward.

By applying these tools we become more confident about what is happening, find more options for moving forward, and increase our chances of getting the results we want.

When faced with a new situation, do you take the time to pause and check whether you might be making a mistaken assumption? Do you automatically assume the world still works the way it used to? Do you call on your intuition to help you find solutions?

Adapted from Inner Leadership: tools for building inspiration in times of change.

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