We are human becomings


Think back through your life: at the age of 16 you were not the same person you were when you were six. Nor were you the same at 16 as you later became (or will become) at 26, 36, 46, or even 86 — though something about us stays the same.

Throughout our lives, in different ways, we are always changing:

We are not human beings, we are human becomings.

The people who we try to become, the lives we try to lead, and the degrees to which we are helped or hindered along the way are influenced by the people around us and the times we happen to have been born into: if you were born into a different century, a different country, or even a different family, you would likely see the world very differently from the way you do now. And your friends and family would have different expectations about who they think you should become.

But no matter where or when you were born, something about you would remain the same. This is the essence of you.

The clearer you can become about who that is, separate from the expectations of the people around you, the clearer you will be about where you want to get to, and the more energy and enthusiasm you will have to get there.

We are all human becomings.

And unlike a caterpillar, we can make that becoming a conscious deliberate process.

Adapted from Inner Leadership: a framework and tools for building inspiration in times of change.

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Photo By Magnus Hagdorn via StockPholio.net

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