A future of meaningful work

Rudy Karsan, founder of “one of the world’s most significant HR firms” (bought by IBM in 2012 for $1.3bn), talks about the future of work and why it will be filled not with ‘jobs’ but with each of us finding and doing meaningful work.

He argues that we are living in “the Golden Age of our species.” He lists the technological marvels we have accomplished and argues that the only barrier we have left to overcome is not food, water, energy, or even climate change, but the lack of meaningful work.

“We create work for ourselves,” he says. “That’s where our dreams lie, that where our aspirations lie, that’s where our identity is.”

Whether or not you agree with him on every point, part of the role of inspirational leadership in a time of change must include defining what “meaningful work” looks like for you. The Churning, Inner Leadership includes a structured set of tools for achieving this.

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