Essence Leadership

We are living through a time of churning.

Extreme changes in technology, politics, society, the economy, and the environment, are disrupting all our lives in different ways.

To get through this time of churning we need new ways of leading ourselves and others.

The Churning is a book that comes in two volumes. These reflect the two essential roles of leadership in times of change: creating inspiration and results.

— Volume 1, on Inner Leadership,” is about creating inspiration
It provides tools that range from staying calm in a crisis, to finding more opportunities to move forward, and creating an inspiring vision of whatever we decide is the best way forward for us.

— Volume 2, on Outer Leadership,” is about implementation
It will provide frameworks for creating robust strategies in times of change: identifying the key drivers of future success and defining appropriate action plans.

Together, these two halves of leadership have the potential to help us not only cope with and solve the problems we face today but actually to become stronger because of change: ‘antifragile’. By using the challenges we face as an opportunity to find new ways of leading ourselves and others we can become more deeply in touch with what matters most to us, achieve joy, and build organisations that operate as living, adaptive organisms to create a thriving, abundant, generative world.

The world is churning. But what that churning will lead to is up to us.

Inner and Outer Leadership provide tools that you can use to find and build whatever matters most to you.