At one level The Churning is simply a series of tools and frameworks for quickly and effectively addressing the leadership issues you currently face.

At another level, it also joins up those tools and frameworks to deliver an integrated methodology for developing the two key competencies you most need in a time of change:

  • inner leadership (which is about building motivation for yourself and others), and
  • outer leadership (which is about taking focused effective actions to achieve the results you want).

And at a third level The Churning is also a handbook, a manual, for creating antifragile, sustainable leaders and organisations. Fragile people and organisations break under stress. Robust people and organisations survive. And antifragile people and organisations not only survive under stress but use the experience to strengthen and build themselves. Enabling organisations and leaders to operate to their full potential as living adaptive organisms brings the ultimate sustainable advantage, and this is the third level of benefit that The Churning brings.

The Churning exists to provide leaders with simple, fast, effective tools for addressing whatever challenges they currently face. These tools are integrated into a step by step developmental framework that creates antifragile, sustainable leaders and organisations.

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