Measuring Inner Leadership

Measurement is an important part of every leader’s life, both for defining your objectives and calculating progress towards them.

The outcomes of ‘inner leadership’ are more difficult to measure than others. But you still need to know whether reading and applying this book is making a difference for you, and I want to ensure that it does. So I have defined a measurement system that you can use to track the impact that the book is having.

The book defines seven sets of skills or competencies for inner leadership. Carried out in the right order, these form a ladder or a staircase that enables you to climb from wherever you are today to prepare to implement an inspiring vision of what you want instead.

At the lowest level, if some disaster has just happened, you might be experiencing extreme inner turmoil or ‘Churning’. You can use the tools of Chapter 1 to become ‘Centred’ and ‘Grounded’.

In Chapter 2 you make sense of the situation and gain greater confidence about what is happening. Your inner emotional state shifts to being ‘Sure’.

In Chapter 3 you realise that every challenge is an opportunity, which makes you ‘Optimistic’. In Chapter 4 you choose which opportunity or direction suits you best: you become ‘Directed’.

In Chapters 5 and 6 you remind yourself of your wider priorities and create an inspiring vision of the specific outcome you want to create. Your emotional states here shift to ‘Determined’ and then ‘Inspired’.

And in Chapter 7 you become ‘Ready’ to move forward to implementation.


Each step on its own is small, simple, and straightforward to take. Combined in this order they become a transformational staircase that anyone can climb.

Different readers will come to the book with some skills already in place and with strengths and weaknesses in different areas. In writing this book I want to provide two things:

— First, practical tools that anyone can use to improve their levels of performance and confidence in each area. So, where you are already strong, the book provides world-class tools that enable you to improve still further. And where you are weak, it provide tools that are clear and straightforward enough for anyone to use.

— Second, a structure that arranges the skills in order. There is no point trying to run before you can walk, and there is no point trying to climb the fifth step on a staircase before you have reached the fourth. By showing all the steps in order the book provides a structure and a context for inner leadership that:
a) reveals the entire process,
b) enables you to identify any current weaknesses and missing links, and
c) empowers you to climb the whole staircase more quickly.

Measuring your abilities at the start and end of each chapter enables you to track your progress and improvement easily. The workbook enhances this.

Adapted from The Churning, Inner Leadership, published October 2016.

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