An early Christmas Present

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I wasn’t intending to blog again this year, but over the weekend Facebook told me that someone had shared one of my posts.

As they did so, that person introduced it with the following words:

“…by miles the most balanced and professional view I’ve read… “

Looking back I now see that posts I’ve written over the past two weeks have been shared on Facebook more than 500 times.

I knew I was taking a risk in writing The Churning. But it seemed to me it was something the world needs and I something know how to do. And as it says in the book, “in a time of churning all ways forward are risky, so you might as well do something you think is important.”

It is gratifying to see that my work is finding a home and that people are finding it useful. An early Christmas present for me. Thank you.

Happy Christmas to you all, and if you don’t believe in Christmas then happy whatever else it is you do instead.

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