Churning Inner Leadership in Copenhagen


I am excited to announce that one week from today I will present The Churning in public for the very first time.

As part of the Sustainable Brands conference in Copenhagen I will co-deliver a workshop titled “Activating Purpose to Transform & Create Next Stage Organizations and Leaders.”

In my part of the workshop I will summarise some of the key messages of Inner Leadership and:

  1. Show how to manage change in a way that generates antifragile organisations
    (and potentially a generative world)
  2. Identify the five organisational competencies needed to make this happen
    and rate attendees’ current organisational performance at each one
  3. Show how to give the people in your organisation the skills they need to make this happen
  4. Identify personal Life Purpose of each attendee

It’s going to be a busy 90 minutes!

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  1. So very cool. I have loved being along for the ride. Now it’s time to share tbese great tools with others. Wish I could be there to take this workshop.

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