Coaching services

Finn Jackson

Hello, my name is Finn Jackson and I wrote The Churning — Inner Leadership.

I’m really sorry but I am not taking on any new coaching clients at the moment.

If you are looking for coaching I suggest you either find another coach or buy the book (it costs less than one coaching session) and coach yourself.

If you focus first on using the tools of Chapter One and Two then you can centre and ground and reconnect with yourself. Once you can do that reliably, then you will start to find your own answers and can move forward with the rest of the chapters. I find taking hot baths and long walks in nature are both really good ways to ‘disconnect’ from the world and reconnect with myself. The rest follows from there.

Very best.

Following requests from several readers I am now offering coaching services using Skype, FaceTime, and Zoom. This coaching uses the tools of Inner Leadership as well as many standard coaching tools and the work of Carl Jung, Gregory Bateson, Alan Watts, NLP, NVC, and more.

People say that working with me in this way is helping them to move forward faster and with more confidence. (You can read some of their comments below.)

To discuss how working with me might bring you the clarity and inspiration to achieve your goals more quickly, you can contact me by email at finn dot jackson at gmail dot com.

I look forward to hearing from you,


Client Feedback:

“Great to talk with you this morning. I feel much more motivated and focused.”

“I’ve achieved things that would have been impossible two months ago. There is no way I’d be where I am now were it not for your involvement.”

“Most coaches solve the problem you bring by saying, ‘You need to do Step 1, Step 2, Step 3’. But Finn looks at the situation holistically. After that you don’t need a ‘plan’ — you just know how to do it. It feels instinctive but actually you’re tapping into your full adult persona.”

“What I got was something that worked for me almost on a spiritual level. I came away with a deep understanding not only of my own drivers around the project and what I want out of it but also the drivers of the people I will need to involve in order for the project to succeed.”

“The difference Finn makes is that the whole thing becomes more enjoyable rather than more stressful. And if you trust your inspiration then it becomes more enjoyable again and that releases more inspiration and it feeds back on itself.”


“I just got confirmation that they want me on board with a permanent position… I am ECSTATIC!”

“My wife and I are having really good discussions, rediscovering a mutual trust that has not been there for than a decade.”

“You say a few words and suddenly I get out of my own way / head / Churning … You Alchemist you!! Thank you!”

“Thank you so very much for the work we have done together, it was very important for me. It helped me make sense of my life and to find my North. I am very grateful, sincerely grateful.”

“You saw me for who I really am.”

“You led me to where I wanted to be.”