Creating the values-led organisation

With great care and attention, a barista makes coffeeHow can you create a values-led organisation without first creating values-led people?

When Tim Cook was named the FT’s person of the year it wasn’t simply because of the “dazzling new technology” and financial performance that Apple has delivered under his leadership. It was because his “brave exposition of his values also sets him apart.”

Tim Cook did not acquire these values by being CEO of Apple, he acquired them for himself. And now he is reshaping Apple as a values-led organisation.

So how do we get to become a values-led person who can then create a values-led organisation?

We all have our own ways. And Inner Leadership offers seven simple steps to accelerate the process — by learning to connect with our values and put them into practice:

  1. Learn to centre and ground and connect deeply with who you are
  2. Learn to make clear sense of any situation: perceiving but not judging, understanding but not assuming
  3. Learn to look for and identify the ten types of opportunity that always exist, even in a crisis: this gives you more options for following a values-led approach
  4. Learn to choose the way forward that matches best with who you are, where you are, and what you believe in
  5. Identify your three main values (and your life purpose)
  6. Learn to articulate your chosen way forward as a vision that will inspire you and others to want to make it happen
  7. Learn to maintain the enthusiasm as you and your team work to put your values-led vision into practice

Any organisation is the sum total of its individuals. They either work together synergistically or in opposition.

If you want to create a values-led organisation, best to start by creating values-led people.

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