First feedback


It’s now four days since I announced the publication of The Churning, Inner Leadership and I have received my first feedback.

One reader calls the book:

An excellent guide to riding the waves of change and being stronger when faced with adversity. A practical guide to coping in what I call a VUCA world. Accurately describes the gestalt of our age — coping with uncertainty and change.”

Another says:

“…simple ways to deal with continuing and growing uncertainty… very accessible and easy to use… a very useful guide.”

And a third says simply:

“It’s brilliant! I keep dipping into it and finding little pearls of wisdom…”

I breathe a sigh of relief.

And I notice that Amazon have run out of stock.

If you have bought the book I hope that you enjoy it and get equal benefit. If you haven’t bought your copy yet, the book provides a very practical set of tools for coping with change and for using that change to become stronger, both as individuals and as organisations.

Next week I will start publishing excerpts from the book. Have a good weekend.

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