Inner Leadership for Inspiration


Inner leadership is about inspiring people to do what needs to be done.

In a time of churning this becomes more important than ever.

This book provides seven sets of tools for creating emotional engagement and inspiration in ourselves and others. These range from staying calm in a crisis, to finding more alternatives for moving forward, and describing the best of them as an inspiring vision, then preparing to manage the implementation of that vision.

When we combine these tools together we become better leaders: able to create inspiration in any situation and use change to become stronger.

This makes our organisations more able to adapt to change and brings joy in our working lives.

People in all walks of life and leaders at all levels who apply the tools in this book will flourish in this time of change, together with their organisations and the people around them.


  1. Centre, Ground and Deepen
  2. Make Sense of the Situation
  3. Find the Opportunities
  4. Choose What’s Best for You
  5. Know Your Purpose and Values
  6. Create an Inspiring Vision
  7. Prepare for the Journey

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