Life, Leadership, and Music, by Alan Watts

This short film summarises a little of The Churning’s philosophy of leadership and life. Yes results matter, but leadership (and life) is not just about how quickly you reach the end: it’s about how you travel through each day.

Like playing a piece of music, leading yourself and other people is not only about reaching your destination, completing the piece. It’s about the quality of the experience that you create along the way: the culture you build in yourself and in your organisation.

In times of change, that culture, that way of being, increasingly makes the difference to results. Because you can either approach each day as something you have to rush through to cram in as much as possible. Or you can approach each day as something where the quality of every moment matters.

If you follow the first approach it will drain and deplete you. That might work for a short time but in when everything is changing it cannot be sustained.

If you follow the second approach you can still play the full piece to the end, you can still deliver the results. But the way you get there will replenish and fulfil you every step of the way, recharging your batteries as you go. This makes you more able to face what tomorrow will bring. It makes you antifragile.

How do you approach your days? Do they drain you or replenish you?

Adapted from Inner Leadership: a framework and tools for building inspiration in times of change.

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