Why we need a new approach to leadership in a time of change

We are living through a time of unprecedented global change. Like it or not, huge changes are happening in our politics, our economy, technology, society, and of course in our environment.

Ten years ago most of these changes were barely on our radars. Now they are the new normal.

We can’t predict exactly what will happen, where, or when. But it is clear that the world is becoming more complex and more unpredictable, not less so. And the rate of change is increasing, not decreasing.

And if we learn new frameworks and tools to lead ourselves through this time of change then this time of Churning can also become an opportunity for us: to learn to use change to become stronger; to become clearer on what matters most to us and more able to achieve it; to become antifragile

And as you will understand by the time you have finished the book, the faster we can learn these tools, the sooner this time of Churning will become just a transitional phase to something better.

This is Inner Leadership.

Is the rate of change in your life today higher than, lower than, or the same as it was five years ago? Over the next six months do you expect that rate of change to decrease or increase? What are you doing to prepare?

Adapted from Inner Leadership: a framework and tools for building inspiration in times of change.

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(And remember: you don’t learn to swim by reading about swimming, you also need to practice.)

Photo By Robert Couse-Baker via StockPholio.net

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