Purpose and values: a recipe for becoming fully who you truly are

Three people jump for joy, silhouetted against the sunsetIn times of change everything can seem urgent. Spending the time to get clear on your purpose and values might seem like a distraction but it will help you to prioritise your actions, achieve your strategic goals, and also bring eight other very practical benefits.

Getting clear on your purpose and values will also show you something far deeper: what success means for you, and what self-actualisation looks like for you, who you are.

The way that Inner Leadership defines Values is by asking you to remember the times when you have felt most alive, in flow, “doing what you are here to do.” The answers you provide show you how to feel more alive more often: becoming more of who you are ‘meant’ to be.

The way Inner Leadership defines Purpose is by asking  you to identity your best qualities and the ways you most love using them. It asks you to describe what an ideal world looks for you. Living your purpose then means using your best skills, in the ways you most love, to create your ideal world.

Combining your purpose and values shows you which ladder of ‘success’ is worth climbing for you. It shows you what self-actualisation looks like for you. It provides a recipe for becoming fully who you truly are.

In an uncertain world, if you are working on a project that inspires you, in line with your purpose and values, what more is there?

To find a first draft of your purpose and values, click here for values and here for purpose. The other tools of Inner Leadership will help you find deeper longer-lasting answers and more ways to put them into practice. But if you want to you can make a start today.

Adapted from Inner Leadership: tools for building inspiration in times of change.

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