Resolving the Brexit crisis (2 of 2) — telling stories

RooseveltHaving chosen your way forward, the next step is to convince others to go with you. To do this you need to tell a good story.

You need to articulate an inspiring vision as to why this is the right direction to move in.
And that works best in the form of a story.

This is what led to the referendum outcome in the first place. The Leavers had the better story:

“Brussels is lazy and corrupt. Millions of Turks are coming. We can spend the money we send to Brussels (£350m/week!) on our National Health Service. It is time to take back control. Vote Leave!”

It didn’t matter that none of these things were true. They were the better story. All the Remain campaign had to say was, “Vote for … not Brexit.”

We now face a period of delay. Then a way forward will be proposed by the politicians.

Whether that leads to chaos or to stability depends less on the details of what it is, and more on how well our leaders tell it as an inspiring story.

Competing viewpoints are already trying to shape that story.

How good are you at telling your inspiring story?

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