Ilkka Kakko, serial entrepreneur and director of several public companies in Finland, calls Inner Leadership:

Brilliant… Fundamental… Entertaining… Valuable insights… Spot on… Extremely wise… Desperately neededhighly recommend… ”
“Helps to turn this seemingly scary-looking future to become an adventure full of possibilities.”
“The inspiring manual to improve our ability to cope and even to thrive in postnormal VUCA times.”

Joshua Englander, Business Director at MRM McCann, says the book:

“Proposes an essential shift in thinking; an ethical framework for business decision makers based on emotional maturity.”

Kate Cooper, Head of Research at the Institute for Leadership and Management, says the book is:

Essential reading for any leader who wants to thrive in times of change.”
“The practical insights and advice contained within this book make it… an easy read and a workbook… with the potential for real personal change in developing authentic leadership. Truly great leadership starts from within.”

Giovanni Facchinetti, Managing Director at B4B, a Sustainability Leadership and International Business Development consultancy, calls the book:

Inspirational and uplifting, a beacon of light in the social media jungle.”

Emma Richardson, Director of HR Consultancy Services at Lewis Silkin, calls it:

My favourite book to turn to when I have a leadership dilemma.”

Simon Robinson, Harvard Business Review author and co-founder of Holonomics Education says Inner Leadership is:

“A book which should be on every change-maker’s bookshelf.”

“A rich compendium of extremely practical exercises and guidance… Invaluable advice… Easy to read…Detailed and clearly explained.”

“[For people who] have decided to up their game and step up to the challenge of developing 21st century leadership.”

Sally Birch, writer and artist, says:

It’s brilliant! I keep dipping into it and finding little pearls of wisdom.”

“[This book] has the toolbox for taking control. It’s not just about leading others, it’s about leading the life you want.”

Eric Lynn, Organisation Development Consultant, says it is:

“An appealing inner perspective to leadership, which is both refreshing and necessary.
A personal development journey recommended for anyone aspiring to refocus their energies in today’s highly unpredictable world.”

Peter Cook, Leadership and Innovation Consultant, calls it:

“An excellent guide to riding the waves of change and being stronger when faced with adversity.”
“A practical guide to coping in what I call a VUCA world. Accurately describes the gestalt of our age — coping with uncertainty and change.”

Bonnie Vallette, change agent, says that it:

“…offers ways to build the skills needed to create one’s own scaffolding to change self, measure competency, and move forward. Grateful!”

Joe, a reader on, writes:

“This is an outstanding book. I am very much enjoying reading it and it represents a very useful map to navigate the VUCA world we are living in. In these difficult times, we need to find an internal compass, represented by our values, our purpose, and what resonates deep inside of us. Finn’s book is a very valuable companion for those who follow their inspiration and dare to venture out of the beaten path in search of meaning.”

A reader on twitter calls it:

Excellent: tools for building leadership in times of change. It’s clear, pragmatic, practical, radical.”

A reader in Romania talks about:

mind blowingcompletely hookedprecious insightsmind boggling wisdom…”

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