Taking a creative break


As I take a few days off from writing Inner Leadership to visit an artist friend in Cornwall, it seems appropriate to share this picture.

Historically, art and creativity have somehow been seen as ‘separate’ from leadership*. But isn’t leadership about finding creative solutions to problems? Isn’t entrepreneurship about finding innovative ways to seize or create new opportunities? Aren’t leadership and art both about creating emotional responses? And in a time of change and churning, aren’t creativity and innovation likely to become more important than ever?

In which case, doesn’t it make sense to take the time to explicitly practice our creativity and art?

Chapter 1 of Inner Leadership recommends taking up some form of creative practice as a way to deepen our connection with ourselves.

Chapter 3 shows how creative perspectives can help us find more opportunities in a situation.

It might not be what we are used to, but times of change call on us to strengthen our creative ‘muscle’. And when innovation is the name of the game, this could turn out to be even more useful than keeping track of the latest technologies, market trends, or new approaches to finance.

* Of course there is always the exception to the rule: Vaclav Havel, first President of the Czech Republic, was also writer. And the influence of Shakespeare has been more profound and longer lasting than any ‘leader’ of his time.

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