The Churning Inner Leadership has been published


We are delighted to announce the publication of The Churning Volume 1, Inner Leadership.

The book contains tools for leading ourselves and others during times of change: from staying calm in a crisis to finding more ways forward and creating an inspiring vision of what we want to build instead.

Used together, these tools make us better leaders of ourselves and others. Used repeatedly over time they make us antifragile: able not only to cope with change but to thrive because of change.

You can buy the book now on Amazon (, .com, .de, .fr,, .in, .ca, .br and others) and from all good bookshops: ISBN 978-1-910733-11-0.

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  1. Congratulations, Finn. This book will be a real contribution to leadership development. I love its ability to synthesize complex concepts and present them in an integrated process. It was a pleasure and honor to contribute to its birth.

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