“The inspiring manual to improve our vucability”

Ilkka Kakko has just published his review of Inner Leadership.

Ilkka is a serial pioneer, innovator, and entrepreneur who has served on the boards of several public companies in Finland. He has founded and co-founded many companies, ranging from the first coworking space in Scandinavia to a financial services company, an ice-hockey franchise, and the first options and futures exchange in Finland.

Ilkka’s expertise lies in identifying emerging opportunities in a post-normal world and converting them into successful businesses.

Here is what he had to say about The Churning, Inner Leadership:




“Valuable insights”

“Spot on”

“Extremely wise”

“Desperately needed”

“Helps to turn this seemingly scary-looking future to become an adventure full of possibilities.”

“I can highly recommend ‘The Churning‘, it will give valuable insights on how to cope and even to thrive in the postnormal VUCA times.”

“A true survival manual and an inspiring and useful tool… Inspiring reading for all of us who have the desire to improve our ‘vucability’, prosper and be happy, [even] when experiencing the challenging times of The Churning era.”

“The inspiring manual to improve our vucability — the ability to prosper in VUCA conditions.”

You can read the full review here.

Photo credit: Ilkka Kakko

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