Countering disinformation and fake news

This short film from 2014 describes how Russia’s President Putin (and others) have deliberately used disinformation and fake news to undermine people’s perception of the world.

As the film explains, the approach is intended to create so much confusion and ‘churning’ in our minds that we no longer understand what is happening: who is doing what, why, or what their intentions might be.

In the face of such confusion, the film says, our only response is to say “Oh dear” and give up.

But that is exactly what the creators of fake news want us to do.

There is another, more useful, response.

That is to get clear on who we are, what matters most to us, and what we will do to achieve it.

Once we know that then we become less distracted by fake news because:

  1. we realise that much of it is irrelevant to what we are working to achieve
    (does what person X is doing in country Y really affect my ability to achieve my goals today?)
  2. when the fake news does affect my ability to achieve my goals, it doesn’t alter where I’m trying to get to, it only changes how I’m going to get there.

The more we build a vision that inspires a coalition of partners to support us, the less the fake news matters again — because when we have all the resources we need, inspired and enthused to take us to where we want to be, who cares what the fake news is saying?

This is Twenty First Century leadership. Who inspires wins.

Do you often find yourself distracted by fake news? Are you clear on your purpose and values and working to achieve a goal that is important to you?

Adapted from Inner Leadership: tools for building inspiration in times of change.

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