Who is the book for? (competitiveness, purpose, and joy)


People often ask me who is Inner Leadership for, and the answer is it’s for everyone who wants to find a better way of living through this time of change. But the book brings different benefits for different people.

For CEOs and senior executives it’s about building antifragile competitive advantage: it’s about building organisations that not only survive change but become stronger because of change.

For middle managers it’s about a set of tools and techniques for making those organisations happen: it’s about managing the uncertainty, finding new solutions, and inspiring people to move forward.

And for “ordinary people”Inner Leadership is a set of tools for making clear sense of a churning world, deciding what’s best for you, and then making that choice happen.

Finally, for people interested in building a sustainable future, this book is about all three of those things. It’s about building new forms of competitive advantage because that is what works best. It’s about building organisations and people who not only cope with change but use that change to become clearer about what matters most to them and more able to make that happen. And ultimately it’s about building the kinds of organisation we’d all like to work in — focused around purpose and joy — because that is what we are all here for and that is what works best.

Photo By James Cridland via StockPholio.net

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