Your greatest challenge is also your greatest opportunity

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We’ve seen how finding the opportunities in a situation puts us back in control and also how it builds the inspiration that is so essential in a time of change.

Ten years ago the challenges you face today probably would not have arisen for you: you were likely in a different role and you probably didn’t have the skills or experience to be able to do what you can now. In the same way, situations you found challenging in the past are probably routine for you now. The abilities you have today are a direct result of the challenges you faced in the past.

This means that what seems like your greatest challenge today is actually your greatest opportunity to learn and grow for the future.

And as well as the five types of outcome you might choose to create, we know that there are also five ways that you could choose to learn and grow from a situation. Which means that in any situation there might be ten types of opportunity, possibly with more than one option for each. And you get to choose which one(s) you prefer.

Thinking this way takes you another step towards becoming antifragile. And the bigger the apparent challenge, the bigger the opportunity.

Think of a problem or crisis you faced in the past. What did you learn from the experience? Are you treating the problems you face today as opportunities to learn and/or grow?

Adapted from Inner Leadership: a framework and tools for building inspiration in times of change.

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(And remember: you don’t learn to swim by reading about swimming, you also need to practice.)

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