Two ways to make clearer sense of a changing world

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When so much is changing so fast, and the world no longer works the way it used to, it can become very easy to misinterpret what events mean. Added to that, reactions of stress, anxiety, or even fear can make it harder for people to see a clear way forward.

This means that after we have first centred, grounded, and connected deeply with ourselves, the second step of Inner Leadership is to pause deliberately and make clear sense of the situation.

One way of doing this is by unravelling the distorted thinking that comes from assuming the world still works the way it used to: in a churning world there is always more than one explanation for what is happening and more than one way events might turn out. By learning to spot our mistaken assumptions (and find other explanations that make more sense) we can become more confident about what is really happening and more likely to choose a way forward that works.

A second way to make clear sense of the situation is by calling on the power of our unconscious intuition. Often our conscious minds will miss the new patterns that are emerging but our unconscious intuition will already be making sense of them. By learning to connect more strongly and reliably with our intuition we will become better at spotting what is happening, understanding it, and even finding solutions.

If we don’t check our assumptions in a changing world, and we don’t listen to our intuition, then we risk making plans based on outdated assumptions and with a limited range of options for moving forward.

By pausing to apply these two simple tools we not only become more confident and sure about what is happening, we also find more options to move forward. Together, these two factors increase our chances of success.

Does the world you live in still work the way it used to? Do you take the time to check for mistaken assumptions? Do you call on your intuition to help you find solutions? Do you strike a good balance between the two?

Adapted from Inner Leadership: a framework and tools for building inspiration in times of change.

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