How transitions can become your friend

Transitions are the psychological and emotional shifts that accompany the major changes in our lives.

Because they are associated with change they can sometimes seem difficult. But they become easier when we realise that our whole life has been a series of transitions.

The first transition happened on the day that we were born. Our mother’s contractions formed the ‘Separation’ phase. This prepared us for the changes that were coming. Then, during the birth, we crossed the Threshold into the strange new world. And in the first few days of life, we Consolidated our transition by learning the incredible new skills of breathing, eating, seeing, and hearing. Most incredibly of all, we accomplished all of this seamlessly without any conscious understanding or control over any of it.

Our lives then became a succession of changes and transitions: learning to feed and dress ourselves; going to school; learning to drive; getting our first job. All these things were difficult at first but success in each transition brought us new opportunities and new confidence.

This time of churning that we are living through now is bringing us more changes and transitions at a faster rate than we have been used to. It is easy to see that as a problem.

But with the right attitude we can learn to see it as an opportunity:

  • to gain the skills that will ease us through our transitions faster and more seamlessly
  • to develop a deeper understanding of and connection with our own priorities
  • to develop new skills and capabilities for inspiring ourselves and others to do what matters most

And when we can do this seamlessly then every change and transition that comes along become opportunities either to confirm or refine what we know our priorities are — and then improve our abilities to create that. Then transitions truly do become our friend. 

This is the final stage to becoming antifragile.

Have you experienced any changes or transitions lately? Did you find them difficult? Would you like to known how to navigate them faster next time and use them to become stronger?

Adapted from Inner Leadership: a framework and tools for building inspiration in times of change.

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