Getting clear on what really motivates you

Six Motivations

Different people are motivated by different drivers. Some are motivated by fear, some by fortune. Some by fury, frustration, or the need for fame. And some people seek to liberate people or the planet from suffering through connection, collaboration and creativity.

But none of these is real. Each of these external drivers is a story we can tell ourselves about the situation. We might change the story to a different one but it is still just a story. The Churning’s Inner Leadership follows none of them.

The tools of Inner Leadership show us how to let go of all these stories and reconnect with what truly matters most to each of us. How to get back in touch with our own inner purpose and values. How to know clearly what it will take for you to have lived a worthwhile life.

The tools of Inner Leadership show us how to remove the clutter of these “Six Fs” to see our situations clearly, work out what we want instead, and then articulate that as an inspiring vision. Outer Leadership will show you how to implement that.

The Churning’s alternative to these “Six Fs” is to let go of these external drivers and replace them instead with what you want to do, simply because you want to do it.

Inner Leadership gives you the tools to find out what that is for you and build a bridge to create it.

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