Two key hacks for staying focused and productive

Jack DorseyJack Dorsey is the CEO of two major technology companies (Twitter and Square) and he also sits on the board of Walt Disney.

In a world of constant and increasing change, how does he manage to handle the key issues facing not one but three major companies?

Dorsey says that having a constant routine is important to him. It gives him “a steady state that enables me to be more effective when I do have to react to something out of band.”

And within that routine, he recommends two key ‘hacks’:

Meditation and exercise!

Dorsey starts each day at 5am with 30 minutes of meditation. Then he does a seven-minute workout three times, has his first cup of coffee, and then gets on with his day.

A churning world brings us more issues to deal with, makes them harder to address, and increases the urgency for handling them. But as Jack Dorsey has found, productivity and effectiveness start from taking the time out for meditation and exercise. These connect us deeply with whatever matters most to us and prepare us for what the day will bring.

Would you like to increase your productivity and focus? Do you have a consistent routine that includes meditation or exercise? Might it be useful to adapt Dorsey’s approach to your needs?

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Adapted from Inner Leadership: tools for building inspiration in times of change.

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