About the Author

fj-croppedFinn Jackson is an author, consultant, facilitator, and coach.

His experience of designing and implementing practical strategic change includes competitor analysis and strategic cost reduction projects in a small but highly-regarded consulting firm, as well as leading top to bottom international strategic change and business development in a global IT services company — changes to strategy, process, and organisation.

His straightforward approach to managing personal change and creating inspiration is grounded in the work of Carl Jung, Gregory Bateson, and others. It has been road tested through personal experiences that include divorce, bereavement, and serious illness.

Finn has worked in an NGO, been a defence analyst, co-founded an Internet startup and a civil society organisation, and co-written a screenplay.

Reviewers called his first book, The Escher Cycle, “a blueprint for winning any game your business chooses to play” and “a unified theory of business” that “describes how business works as a living system.”

They are calling his second book, Inner Leadership, “An inspiring manual for improving our ability to prosper in VUCA conditions,” “Essential reading for any leader who wants to thrive in times of change,” and “A book which should be on every change-maker’s bookshelf.”

Born in Darjeeling, North East India, Finn holds a degree in physics from Oxford University and an MBA with distinction from Imperial College, London.

His values are honour, harmony, and empowerment. His purpose is to create a generative world.

Finn works with clients to generate clear understanding of where they are, an inspiring vision of where they want to be, and straightforward, practical plans to get there.