8. Implications and Consequences


I began this book by saying that we are living through a time of unprecedented change. The global economy we have created is bringing us new levels of volatility and uncertainty, both in the outer world of physical events and the inner world of our emotions.

But I also said that this was only a temporary phase — a transitional stage to something better — and that to pass through it we would need new thinking, new frameworks, and new tools for leading both ourselves and others.

Having seen the seven competencies of inner leadership, and applied them to your own situation, this final chapter looks at what will happen when we apply this new approach over time.

The chapter shows how individuals can use the tools in this book to allow themselves to ‘let go’ during this time of churning and experience joy.

It shows how organisations can use the same tools to create competitive advantage for themselves. By learning not only how to survive change but to use change to become stronger, they also become truly “sustainable” organisations.

Finally, the chapter describes how we can use the tools described in this book to combine people and organisations in a new way. Using this new leadership approach we can move away from the volatile, uncertain, chaotic, and ambiguous (VUCA) world our existing leadership models have created and build instead a generative world of dynamic stability.

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