A very warm welcome to all our new subscribers

Just a very quick post to say “Hello and welcome” to all the new people who have joined us recently.

I also wanted to share some recent site statistics.

The number of people visiting The Churning website has been rising steadily since the book was first published, even more so since the publication of the second edition.

And all this is happening by word of mouth — we don’t have any advertising spend.

For example, we are not even half way through 2020 yet but we have already had almost as many visitors as we did in the whole of 2018.

And the number of visitors per month has also been growing steadily, since even before the Covid-19 crisis.

It is great to know that Inner Leadership is providing so much value. Using change to become stronger so that we can lead ourselves and others better through this time of change.

A very warm Welcome to you all.

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