To build a business, first build the people

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

You cannot build a business that is greater than your vision. And you cannot build a vision that is greater than your ability to imagine it.

As your people work to bring that vision to reality, their ability to do so will be limited by the degree to which they have taken your vision on board, and their ability to respond quickly and creatively to the issues that arise.

So, as Zig Ziglar put it:

You don’t build a business you build people, and then the people build the business.

The Churning‘s Inner Leadership is a set of tools for building yourself and the people around you, then building the business together.

It provides tools that you can use to:

  • expand your creativity and your ability to imagine new possibilities
  • improve your ability to communicate your vision in inspiring, memorable ways
  • enable your people to stay calm in a crisis, find more solutions, and turn the best of them into another inspiring (mini-)vision

To build a business first build the people, starting with yourself.

This is Inner Leadership.

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