Mark Zuckerberg in Chinese on Purpose

In this just-released video, Mark Zuckerberg gives his first speech in Mandarin Chinese.

The topic he chose to talk about was ‘Changing the world’. His key message: the importance of knowing your Purpose, or as he calls it ‘Mission’.

“Lots of people can tell you about how to build a business and how to solve problems… Today I want to focus on a different question, not ‘How?’ but ‘Why?’ you should build.”

He tells three stories about doing something you think is important.

He started Facebook because he thought it was important for people to be able to connect with one another.

“When I started Facebook I did not want to start a business, I wanted to solve a problem I thought was important: I wanted to help connect people.”

Knowing your purpose in this way, he says, gives you more energy and allows you get things done even with few resources. For example, it allowed college students to build Facebook, when you might have expected corporate giants such as Google or Microsoft to do it.

“When you have a mission it helps you focus.”

Knowing your purpose also helps you adapt:

“We faced many problems and had to change many times… The reason we were able to keep going was because we cared.”

His closing message:

“Before you start anything, don’t just ask yourself how you’re going to do, ask Why?

The Churning provides tools for finding what you care about most, and for making that happen.

Chapter 5 of Inner Leadership shows you how to find your purpose, and your values. These define what matters to you most, and how you want to go about achieving it.

The tools of Chapter 4 help you choose the opportunity that will best enable you to achieve that purpose.

(If necessary you can use the tools of Chapter 3 to generate a range of opportunities to choose between.)

Chapter 6 shows how to convert the opportunity you have chosen into an inspiring vision.

So, for Zuckerberg:

  • His Purpose is to connect people
  • Facebook was the opportunity he chose as a way to achieve that
  • His Vision for Facebook has changed many times over the years, from a site for students in the USA, to a million and then 1+ billion people worldwide, to (ultimately) connecting every person on the planet.

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