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It was lovely to receive more unexpected feedback from a reader yesterday:

“Re: Your mind blowing book and workbook!

… I discussed with my wife about some concepts from the book, she is completely hooked now, we will read your book together.

… these are very precious insights.

I started doing Morning Pages yesterday and today I already have an answer to a very tricky ‘situation’ to which the solution had eluded my rational mind 🙂

The exercises and the wisdom from the book, are mind boggling and I feel I have lots of things to learn and tap into, from it. Thank you very much.”

It is so great to hear about the tremendous value people get from this.

I love the enthusiasm that comes when people realise the possibilities that arise, simply from seeing the situation differently. Then start to build a plan towards whatever they want most. 🙂 

Inner Leadership is a framework and tools for building inspiration in times of change.

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