Rebirth and renewal – and an algorithm for happiness

In several spiritual traditions, this time of year is a time for celebration of rebirth and/or renewal. In the natural world in the Northern Hemisphere it is also a time when spring is getting under way.

Inner Leadership sees us not just as human beings but as human becomings. This means that this can also be a good time for reflecting on what the past year has brought us: letting go of the bad, appreciating the good, and turning with renewed energy to build the kind of future we want to create.

In the short video clip below, Google executive Mo Gawdat reflects on how he did this, and found happiness, even after his son unexpectedly died. (If you are short on time, skip to 53 seconds.)

I wish you all a very Happy Easter, or the equivalent in whatever tradition you celebrate.

Photo By Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland via

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