Namechecked by the Institute of Leadership and Management

Manager with lightbulb as headGreat to see Inner Leadership being namechecked by the Institute for Leadership and Management recently.

In an article titled “How can leaders win support for unusual business concepts?” Kate Cooper, the institute’s Head of Research, says (with emphasis added):

“… self-awareness is key. It’s all about understanding what your values are, what motivates you, what inspires you, where you will negotiate, where you will compromise — and where you will not. If you have clarity about all of that … then the path ahead almost lights up by itself.”

She adds:

“This links very neatly to Finn Jackson’s book The Churning, Inner Leadership … Jackson’s cause célèbre as a writer is the importance of purpose in leadership, and the foundation of that purpose is authenticity.”

We agree: once you do the inner work of creating self-awareness “then the path ahead almost lights up by itself.”

Doing that work doesn’t have to be hard. Inner Leadership lays out the steps, providing simple questions and tools in the right order that help you move along more quickly than you would have on your own.

We’re all going through this cycle of learning and becoming anyway. What Inner Leadership provides is a set of tools for helping it happen more quickly and more easily.

And as Kate says, once you to the work “then the path ahead almost lights up by itself.”

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