Burning time

temple-derry-londonderry-david-bestTomorrow afternoon, Saturday 21 March 2015, a giant wooden “Temple” will be set on fire in Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

Built in honour of all those who died during the Troubles, it is clad in intricate panels some of which have been designed and cut by young people from the city. People have been encouraged to use the Temple as a space for contemplation and remembrance. They have also placed mementos, messages, and photographs in the space.

The Good Friday Agreement was signed almost 20 years ago. The worst events of the Troubles happened more than 40 years ago. But people are emotional beings and actions speak louder than words. This means that the best way to deal with collective emotions is through deliberate meaningful actions, or what we call ritual.

Tomorrow afternoon, on the equinox, the day on which the days become longer than the nights, a ritual will be held that is about separating from past times of trouble and turning to face the future.

You can see more photos of this event below and here.

Chapter 7 of Inner Leadership focuses on the three stages of emotional transition that are critical to any successful change. The first of these stages is Separation.

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