In a time of change anything is possible

When so much change is happening so fast, all around us, it is easy to find ourselves waking up one morning thinking, “How did this happen? How did I get here?”

This has happened in two major votes this year on either side of the Atlantic, with Brexit and the US Presidential election. And it is happening all around the world, at large scales and small. People are finding themselves wondering, “How did we get here? What is going to happen next?” And the answer is, no one knows what is going to happen next, because in a time of change, anything is possible.

At times like this it is useful to ask ourselves two simple questions. The first is, “If I carry on living my life the way I am doing now, what will happen, how will that turn out? If I carry on doing what I’m doing, in the way I’m doing it, where will that lead me?” You might like to think about that and write your answers down.

And the second is, “How would I like my life to turn out? When I’m lying on my deathbed, looking back, what do I want to see? What do I want to have done? How do I want to have done it? Knowing that I am living in a changing world, and nothing is guaranteed, what will it take for me to have lived a worthwhile life?”

Write those answers down as well. Then compare the two sets and see if you want to make any changes.

And as you do that remember, most importantly, that in a time of change, anything is possible.

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