“Emotional well-being is the new frontier” (Forbes)

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This recent piece in Forbes Magazine tells us that emotional well-being is the new frontier. “If you’re not supporting the emotional well-being of your employees,” the article says, “handing out pedometers or apples isn’t going to amount to much.”

We say, of course that’s true. But even that is not enough.

In a time of change, emotions are bound to come under stress. Productivity will fall until those emotions are resolved. But in a time of churning, new sources of emotional stress are bound to keep arising all the time.

What employees really need to get them through this time of churning is not stress-management but inspiration and a clear vision.

Then, of course, vision alone is not enough. You also need the execution to bring that vision into reality. And in a time of change, the skills needed to achieve that execution are different from a time of stability.

The Churning provides tools that enable both these aspects to be delivered: Inner Leadership for emotional well-being, purpose and vision, and a way to put that into practice. Outer Leadership for strategic implementation.

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