“An easy read with the potential for real personal change” — Institute of Leadership and Management

The Institute of Leadership and Management has published a new review of the first volume of The Churning, Inner Leadership.

Writing in their quarterly magazine, Leading Edge, Kate Cooper, Head of Research, says:

“We live in turbulent times, with the unexpected becoming commonplace.

Authentic leadership… is gaining increasing prominence both as a challenge to more self-serving and inauthentic styles, and a means for individual leaders to align their goals, beliefs and values to the work they do and the relationships they have with those they work with.

“Jackson’s seven step model presents tools, approaches, and case studies… with the potential for real personal change.

“The book is both an easy read and a workbook.

“We all have the capacity to adapt and thriveI encourage readers to ‘do the work’.”

You can read the full review here:

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