So, what’s the book about?

curious-kittenThe first volume of The Churning is called “Inner Leadership.” It describes a set of skills and techniques for coping with the extra pressures that come from living through a time of change.

The book also shows how combining these skills and techniques can make us better leaders of ourselves (and other people) and help to build stronger organisations.

The skills described in the book range from things like staying calm in a crisis and avoiding overthinking, to making sense of new and complex situations and learning to “think outside the box” to find the ten types of opportunity that exist in any situation.

The book shows how (and why) to pick the best way forward for you and turn that into an inspiring vision. And it shows how to handle and take advantage of the emotional and psychological challenges that are bound to arise as you work to make your vision a reality.

Perhaps most importantly, the book shows how to find your purpose and your values. In a time when all around is changing these can act as a guiding beacon, enabling you to let go of trivialities and focus on achieving whatever matters most to you.

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