Removing our mis-blinks

Blink2In his bestselling book Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, Malcolm Gladwell explains how we all make unconscious snap decisions. Sometimes we get them right, he says, and sometimes we get them wrong.

In a time of churning and change, when the world no longer works the way it used to, we become much more likely to to get these snap decisions wrong. On top of that, reactions of anxiety, stress, and fear can muddy the waters further.

In a time of change and churning it makes sense to pause as we take stock of our situations and deliberately look for these mistaken blink-of-an-eye decisions (or mis-blinks).

There are eight common types:

  1. Value judgments (“He looks suspicious.”)
  2. Shoulds and expectations (“He should be running away from us! How brazen!”)
  3. Making assumptions or jumping to conclusions (“He’s reaching for a gun.”)
  4. Attachment to outcome
  5. Dependency
  6. Blinkered or extreme thinking
  7. Mistaking feelings for truth
  8. Blaming and scapegoating

Chapter 2 of Inner Leadership provides two tools for finding them and for finding what is really going on instead.

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