Star in your own Oscars


Once a year, every year, the world turns to Hollywood to find out which was the best movie of the year, who was the best actor, the best director, and so on.

But what if we didn’t need the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to tell us? And more importantly, what if the actors and directors didn’t either?

Our culture teaches us to look to others to tell us how well we are doing — from our teachers, our managers, to the Academy of Motion Pictures.

But what if we decided that for ourselves?

The Inner Leadership half of The Churning shows us how to find out what we care about the most — our purpose and our values and what it will take for us to live a worthwhile life. It teaches us to find the opportunities in any situation and to choose the one that is best for you. Then it shows how to convert that into a compelling and inspiring vision, and gives you the tools to achieve it.

Once you know all that you don’t need an ‘Academy’ to tell you how well you are doing: you can decide for yourself.

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